2012 Gulfstream Park & Casino
The FESTIVAL OF SOULS 2012 was located at the Prestigious Gulfstream Park & Casino which was  a 19 day Halloween event featuring a 8,000 Square ft. Haunted House known as the “Demon Mansion”, so frightening it tested the will and shook the courage of over 17,000 patrons.

Victims had to make your way through a labyrinth of demons and creatures of the night so terrifying, over 122 souls could not make it through.

Ever wish you could shoot real zombies?

The festival’s second attraction was a major hit with aspiring zombie hunters, which was called The Zombie Paintball Safari. Patrons boarded 3 trailers with paintball guns mounted to either side and where taken through a 50,000 sq. ft. Apocalyptic City towed by Monster trucks.

Also part of Festival of Souls was night after night of phantasmagorical music, straight from the festival’s resident evil DJ Maximus 3000, whose otherworldly tunes will entice, excite, and electrify visitors.

2013 Las Olas Riverfront Ent. Complex

The 2nd Annual Festival of Souls, was the goriest and most horrifying Halloween event in South Florida. The 22-day “Terror at the Riverfront” took place from September 26, 2013 till November 1, 2013 at Las Olas Riverfront, in the heart of downtown Ft Lauderdale.

“Festival of Souls wanted to continue to build upon our success from the previous year and provide South Floridians with a Halloween experience like no other, where the entire family can come out and enjoy an evening with Haunted Attractions, music, drinks, food and an increased pulse rate,” said Brandon Kittendorf, Creator & Producer of the Festival of Souls Event. “The Festival of Souls appeals to the Halloween enthusiast as well as the family down the street. Our attractions are unique and very scary. Our mission is to put the scare back into Haunted Houses,” Kittendorf explained.

Following on from the great success of last year’s award winning event, Festival of Souls is back and scarier than ever. Guests’ five senses and pulse rates were put to the test as they entered the 10,500 sq. ft. “Demon Mansion” haunted house. It has been completely renovated with even more rooms and scares to make the public run for their lives. They will made their way through a labyrinth of demons, zombies, monsters and some very intricate hi-tech frightening rooms featuring the “Gates of Hell” and “The Asylum” amongst others.

PITCH BLACK MAZE our new attraction in which patrons will have to maneuver through a pitch-black labyrinth with twists, turns and dead ends. Also added in 2013 was a 2,000 sq. ft. Live Zombie Paintball shooting range to add to last year’s Terror at the Riverfront.

2014 Jungle Island Miami

Jungle Island is located in the heart of the city of Miami, between downtown and South Beach. Building upon the rich tradition of Parrot Jungle which began in 1936, today’s Jungle Island is home to the world’s rarest and most incredible animals.

Guests participate in hands-on interactions with fascinating animals, marvel at the engaging animal shows and presentations, and are amazed by the park’s breathtaking landscapes and vistas. Guests can also go behind the scenes on Jungle Island with an exclusive VIP Safari Tour.

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Jungle Island is also South Florida’s most popular choice to host events of any size. From extravagant galas to intimate ceremonies and everything in between, Jungle Island’s specialists seamlessly execute any event, regardless of scope. Whether enjoying the excitement of the theme park, or attending an extraordinary event, guests’ experience on Jungle Island will certainly be unforgettable.

Coming in October 2014: the “Terror in the Jungle” begins

Built by the legendary creator of the Festival of Souls Attractions, Brandon Kittendorf.

2014 X-Mas Event
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